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Welcome to TheGemSourceShop, Your perfect source for precious, semi-precious and diamond beads, cut & cabs. With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, we work towards supplying and satisfying customers demand with nonpareil service Due to our direct sourcing of raw material from the mines and in-house manufacturing with a workforce of more than 500 workers, we provide all the varieties of gemstones, all quality grades at best possible prices, we are pretty sure that once you buy from us, you'll be easily able to differentiate between the price and quality that we offer than rest of the market. We believe in having long term relationship with our customers by building and maintaining their trust and satisfied, * We provide our RETAIL CUSTOMERS with the facility of CUSTOM, PERSONALIZED ORDERS and JEWELRY SERVICES like Silver and Gold Knotting between stone, setting Pendants and many more with the help FINEST CRAFTSMEN.* ** FOR WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS WE HAVE SOME SPECIAL DEALS WHICH ARE PRETTY IRRESISTIBLE **