Tundra Sapphire Beads, Tundra Sapphire Rondelle Shape Beads, Tundra Sapphire Faceted Beads, Tundra Sapphire Gemstone Beads

$17.00 – $166.00

from 2.5-3.5MmHole Size - .40mm Stone -SapphireShape -RondelleQuality -AAAEach Strand Length -43CmOrigin -Africa

Alexandrite Sapphire Faceted Drops Beads, Briolette Teardrops Beads, Loose Sapphire Beads

$90.50 – $177.00

Size - 2.5x3.5-3.5x5.5 mmHole Size - .40mmStone - AlexandriteShape - DropsEach Strand Length - 40Cm.Average Strand Weight - 79Cts

Disco Sapphire Faceted Beads, Sapphire Tyre Shape Beads


"Size - 2.5-5.5mmHole Size - .40mmStone - Disco SapphireShape - TyreEach Strand Length - 36Cm.Average Strand Weight - 80 Cts"

Disco Sapphire Faceted Beads, Sapphire Tyre Shape Beads

$71.00 – $688.00

"Measurements From 2.5-3 mm (Approx.)Drilled Size - .40mmStone - Disco SapphireStyle - TyreStrand Measurement - 37 cmAverage Weight- 46 ct"

2.5-5mm Disco Sapphire Faceted Rondelle Beads, Disco Sapphire Beads

$55.00 – $1,000.00

"Size - 2.5-5mmHole Size - .40mmStone - Disco SapphireShape - RondelleEach Strand Length - 44Cm.Average Strand Weight - 67 Cts"

Yellow Sapphire Faceted Roondelle Shape Gemstone Beads, Jewelry Craft Beads, Beaded Gemstone, Yellow Sapphire Beads

$28.00 – $272.00

"Size - 2-2.75mmHole Size - .40mmStone - Sapphire Shape - RondelleEach Strand Length - 38Cm.Average Strand Weight - 28 Cts"

Orange Sapphire Faceted Roondelle Shape Gemstone Beads, Jewelry Craft Beads, Beaded Gemstone

$28.00 – $272.00

"Size - 2-2.75mmHole Size - .40mmStone - SapphireShape - RondelleEach Strand Length - 40Cm.Average Strand Weight - 28 Cts"

Multi Sapphire Gemstone Beads, Sapphire Faceted Rondelle Beads

$25.00 – $470.00

Size - 3-3.5mmHole Size - .40mmStone - SapphireShape - RondelleEach Strand Length - 38Cm.

Top Quality Orange Sapphire Gemstone Beads, Sapphire Faceted Rondelle Beads

$19.00 – $330.00

"Measurements From 2.5-3.5 mm (Approx.)Drilled Size - .40mmStone - Orange SapphireStyle - RondelleStrand Measurement - 42 cmAverage Weight- 39 ct"

Natural Yellow Sapphire Beads, Sapphire Faceted Rondelle Beads

$20.00 – $368.00

"Measurements From 2.5-3.5 mm (Approx.)Drilled Size - .40mmStone - Yellow SapphireStyle - RondelleStrand Measurement - 44 cmAverage Weight- 45 ct"

4.5x7-5x9mm Disco Sapphire Faceted Pear Shape Gemstone Beads

$70.00 – $679.00

"Size - 4.5x7-5x9mmHole Size - .40mmStone - Disco SapphireShape - PearEach Strand Length - 20Cm.Average Strand Weight - 19 Cts"

4-6mm Pink Sapphire Beads, Pink Sapphire Faceted Rondelle Beads, Sapphire Rondelle Beads, Faceted Sapphire Beads, Pink Sapphire Gemstone

$74.00 – $717.00

"""Size - 4-6mmHole Size - .40mmStone - Pink SapphireShape - RondelleEach Strand Length -25Cm.Average Strand Weight - 74Cts"""

The Gem Source is a leading Wholesaler of Sapphire Stone, Sapphire Gemstone, Sapphire Beads, Sapphire Design and Sapphire Jewelry. We are offering an excellent quality Sapphire Gemstone Like Sapphire Gemstone Rondelle Shape, Sapphire Gemstone Nuggets Shape, Sapphire Gemstone Drops Shape best Price at The Gem Source. Sapphire Gemstone is a beautiful natural gemstone which is green colored stone coming from the Beryl mineral family. This semi-precious stone is one of the most reputed and popular gemstones and as per experts, this is a very rich and lucky type of gemstone. Sapphire is mined in countries like Colombia, Brazil, United States, Zambia, Australia, Russia, Afghanistan. Sapphire is a semi-precious stone that is highly saturated and perfectly well balanced in blue and green tints. Among all these Colombian Sapphires are considered to be superior to all the other mined ones, whereas Sapphires mined in Brazil are dark and less demanding.

Sapphires Stones are weighed pretty much every other rasped of qualities. This semi-precious stone is much more valued if it is rich in saturation and color is consistent as well. So, natural mined Sapphire from Colombia is considered to be the finest color quality. Out of many colors, Sapphires as per the experts is one of the superior natural gemstones as it has powerful vibes to attract financial and business success, it helps with a better creativity mindset and workplace as well. As per Vedic astrology, it is highly considered lucky for pursuing knowledge and intellectuals in life. This stone is considered to be really very powerful and effective for the person dealing with the effects of planet Mercury, it helps to heal the negative effects of planet Mercury in a person's horoscope.

If you are thinking to go with a really rich, powerful, and elegant look in nature in a stone then Sapphire is considered the best stone that is really for you at any cost and you can find other such precious stones and beads online suitable for you at an affordable price/cost. At The Gem Source, we have the best quality Sapphire and other such gemstones online for you to buy.

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