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Natural spinel Gemstone Beads

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The Gem Source is a leading Wholesaler of Spinel Stone, Spinel Gemstone, Spinel Beads, Spinel Gemstone Beads, Spinel Natural Gemstone Beads Design and Spinel Crystal Stone. We are offering an excellent quality Spinel Gemstone Like Spinel Gemstone Oval Shape, Square Shape, Rondelle Shape, Round Shape, Barrel Shape, Box Shape, Cushion Shape, Nugget Shape, Pear Shape, Drops Shape and Spinel Gemstone Heart Shape best Price at The Gem Source. Spinel Gemstone is a natural gemstone quality mineral that is discovered in almost every color carrying from colorless spinel to dark red, purples, orange, green, intense blue, pink, and even black. Out of all these color shades the precious red-colored ruby-like spinel highly valued and coveted stone. Out of the variety of different shades of spinel Stone available, some of the shades are sought and considered a semi-precious stone for healing purposes as they have soothing effects whereas other shades available are used for making a fine piece of jewelry. Spinel Gemstone is a member of a larger spinel group usually coming from the magnesium/aluminum family. This gemstone is also the initials engraved as a birthstone for the month of August.

Spinel Gemstone is a really very durable semi-precious stone worn generally for revitalization where it helps a lot to de-stress your body mentally and emotionally and also for re-energizing in almost every aspect, so this gemstone is really helpful to people who are depressed mentally or have a habit to take a lot of stress. Also according to western astrology spinel is best suitable for people with Virgo sign and
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